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Small group classes

Monday nights at 6:30


4 different classes to deepen and broaden knowledge and understanding of the practice. Each class is offered once each month on a rotating schedule. Dates posted below with class description. Please note that some stat Mondays push the class to the Tuesday.

They are also available as one to one sessions or a semi private.


Sivananda Hatha

This traditional Hatha yoga is taught classically around the world. During this 1.5 hour class you will experience sanskrit chanting, relaxation, pranayama(breathing exercises), surya namaskara (sun salutations), 12 asanas (postures) that will energize all the bodies systems. Quiet the mind while increasing focus, concentration and flexibility.

Some yoga experience required, can be adapted for all levels.

90 minutes

Mar 4, April 1

TUESDAY April 30, May 27

Breathe and Relax

Take a pause from the doing and just be. Breath sustains life  and relaxation is nature’s way of restoring both body and mind. By combining these practices a powerful shift occurs. The body and mind become more balanced.

           Appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners.

60 minutes

Mar 11, April 8, May 6


Spend time in quiet reflection and self observation. By allowing the mind to focus and relax you will clear clutter and stagnant emotions. New neural pathways are created and as you move into a positive mindset. We will use ancient yogic techniques that can easily be applied to daily life. No experience is required. This class is for everyone.

60 minutes

March 18, April 15, May 13

Gentle Hatha with THAI YOGA MASSAGE

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art. During this unique class you will receive gentle TYM release during relaxation to take you deeper into your body and connect you with your breath. Appropriate for all levels. Please note this class is hands on.

90 minutes

March 25, TUESDAY April 23, Tuesday May 21


Ideal for all levels who wish to deepen their practice. Increase mobility, circulation and concentration. One to one classes include gentle Thai yoga massage release to enhance benefits.

Single $60

A series will assist you to safely develop a home practice and deepen awareness. These traditional Hatha yoga classes are customized to your individual needs and goals. This style of yoga is equally beneficial for the body and mind.

Series of 3 - $170

Semi Private

Share a unique experience with a friend or loved one. Let go and relax as you are guided and supported through a traditional yoga class. Ceremonial Sanskrit chanting will begin and end your class to set the positive intention, purify the mind and enhance the experience.

up to 3 participants

add $10 for each additional person