Sivananda Hatha

Monday nights at 6:30



  • please note there is no class on Monday, September 30/2019

This traditional style of yoga is taught classically around the world, meaning with little variance from India to Canada and around the globe. Sivananda Hatha offers a complete yogic experience.

During this 1.5 hour class you will experience Sanskrit chanting, relaxation, pranayama, surya namaskara , 12 asanas that will energize all the bodies systems.

Quiet the mind while increasing focus, concentration and whole being flexibility.

Some yoga experience required, can be adapted for all levels.

90 minutes


Ideal for all levels who wish to deepen their practice. Increase mobility, circulation and concentration. One to one classes include gentle Thai yoga massage release to enhance benefits.

Single $60

A series will assist you to safely develop a home practice and deepen awareness. These traditional Hatha yoga classes are customized to your individual needs and goals. This style of yoga is equally beneficial for the body and mind.

Series of 3 - $170

Semi Private

Share a unique experience with a friend or loved one. Let go and relax as you are guided and supported through a traditional yoga class. Ceremonial Sanskrit chanting will begin and end your class to set the positive intention, purify the mind and enhance the experience.

up to 3 participants

add $10 for each additional person

Private yoga & Thai massage session

This individually curated session combines a private yoga class with a Thai yoga massage. It’s the best of both worlds! If you are completely new to yoga or not currently physically active this is the place to begin. Each session begins with an email consultation to establish your concerns and areas requiring attention. From there your session will be created to include accessible yoga that promises to meet you where you are with a heavenly Thai yoga massage.

Prepare to experience mind body connection, deep release and relaxation.

$150 | Allow 2 hours for this experience