Thai Body work

What is Thai yoga massage?

Thai yoga massage (TYM) is a form of healing body work. It combines assisted stretching, touch techniques and pressure along the SEN (energy lines) and goes far beyond a soft tissue massage. By releasing energy blocks, wellness and health are restored. Deep breathing and relaxation calm the nervous system while mobility is improved by gentle but firm pressure and stretching. Mind body integration and awareness is increased. Offered as a full body treatment it is as effective for the mind as it is for the body.

When to seek a TYM

TYM is most effective as a regular treatment. It can be a weekly or monthly treatment. Flexibility is restored, the mind becomes more free and uncluttered. By increasing blood flow circulation is improved throughout the entire body. With a focus on deep breathing the entire system receives a tune up and balancing. If you wish to improve posture, gain flexibility, relieve tension and anxiety and regain a state of balance TYM could be a part of your solution.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement. Buttons, zippers or bulky clothes are not recommend. In cooler months I encourage socks and warm clothes as the body temperature is lowered during relaxation.


90 min $100

60 min $70

Series of 3

60 min $200 (save $10)

90 min $280 (save $20)

This dynamic for of massage works on the nervous system for true relaxation. It is offered fully clothed on a special mat. Each session includes a consultation, and will be guided by intuition and Metta (loving kindness).


Private yoga & Thai massage session

This individually curated session combines a private yoga class with a Thai yoga massage. It’s the best of both worlds! If you are completely new to yoga or not currently physically active this is the place to begin. Each session begins with an email consultation to establish your concerns and areas requiring attention. From there your session will be created to include accessible yoga that promises to meet you where you are with a heavenly Thai yoga massage.

Prepare to experience mind body connection, deep release and relaxation.

$150 | Allow 2 hours for this experience


As you step into the bright and open space that is Stacey’s studio, your body and mind are at ease. Stacey’s gentle but steady approach- from the questions asked, to the direction she gives- leaves no doubt about her mission: to ease the tensions that we carry. After a TYM session with Stacey, you walk away with a renewed energy and a deepened awareness of your whole self.
— Subuhi Ansari
Stacey has both and uplifting and calming professional presence. She provided me with a 90-minute healing session including breathing techniques and a Thai massage. I was having some pregnancy complications that cause great distress on my body and mind. Stacey was able to help calm and release the stress and blocked energy in my body.

I am truly thankful for the session she built specifically for my needs. I left feeling lighter, calmer and more confident than before.

I highly recommend Stacey’s skills to anyone that is feeling the overwhelming stresses of work, home, and or emotion.

Thanks Stacey
— Brookelyn Archer
Everything about Stacey’s TYM is exactly what I need every time I see her for a treatment. She starts w a consultation & then into her amazing treatment. Her intuition about what pressure she uses & how she stretches or positions you while massaging you is spot on. She truly has a gift & a great touch. I always feel 100% better @ the end of the treatment. Stress & tightness have been relieved & I feel energized & more centred. I am blessed to have Stacey & her TYM in my life.
— Jennifer Duffield
I decided to try Thai Yoga Massage because of my low back and hip pain. Not only did Stacey help improve my pain, but she also made me feel completely at ease in her home. My whole body was able to relax, and I left the treatment feeling energized, refreshed, and with a new sense of well-being that lasted for days after. Stacey is truly a gem and I would recommend her to anyone looking to tune into their body and let go. I look forward to coming back soon!
— Shealagh Rose
Stacey is very intuitive, detail oriented and thorough in her Thai Yoga Massage sessions. She customizes each session to your specific needs and gives some helpful tips to implement into your lifestyle. Stacey’s Thai Yoga Massage has been a great addition to my recovery routine to support my active lifestyle. I feel rejuvenated every time I leave Stacey’s and her expertise has helped me greatly!
— Megan Sullivan